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How To put images in pdf

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Hello guys so here is me again mr. t to Rex it's been a while the time we've been away and sorry about that I just came back and I have a new video for you on how to make form that contain an image field so if you want to click on this field and let your users to upload their image they simply can just go browse through their images and just find the image and just upload it right there so how do i exactly do this it can be done in Adobe Acrobat Pro but it's not an easy way to do that because you need to do a lot of programming maybe or it's going to be complicated the best thing is to go through another software which is actually ship free with Adobe Acrobat Pro X so if you have the other black one Pro X you get to have that for free but if it's advocaat Pro X I you don't have it for free you have to purchase that separately so I'm just going to run the other software that ships with it which caused a derby lifecycle designer and edit this phone there so I'm just going to close it here and go there and open the form with this with this application as you can see here I have my form already and I'm just going to put the image field right here how you just come to insert standard image field you get the image field you put it right there and do the adjustment I don't like this caption to be here and I don't want this border or so so I have to change this border bring it here when the change when the circle comes that you don't have it anymore you just let it go so the caption edge also goes away and that's it so I'm just going to save it and before I go back to Adobe Acrobat I just want to say something else that sometimes your D people have different images and different images sizes so the best thing to do is that there are like three team three settings that you have in the sizing here as you can see scale image proportionally or scale image to fit the rectangle or use the original size I would suggest either scale the image proportionately or scale the image to fit the rectangle of course if you fit the rectangle it's going to be it's going to fill your rectangle which is cleaner but it might also stretch people's image so you choose what's best for you I'm going to say scale the image to fit rectangle and then save it again and now I'm just going to open it on here on Adobe Acrobat Pro and here it is working image field and by the way if you guys want to know how to make this interactive form right beside.

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How do I put my data from a rent roll in PDF to Excel easily? It is taking a lot of my time to put all the data in Excel. I have used a PDF to excel converter, but it is not helpful. When the document is scanned, the images are a jumbled mess.
This best tool for this is a new(ish) startup in the CRE space called Automated Underwriting Platform |, they have a tool to pull RR and NOI statements out into a model or get the raw data. A 12 page RR which normally takes about 45 minutes took me less than 10 using their system. Check them out, they have a free trial option.
Which is the best site to convert a PDF to JPG?
Have you ever tried our online Smallpdf PDF to JPG tool?Here’s 5 reasons you will love it:It’s fast and easy to use for anyone without prior experience.It works perfectly on all devices and popular browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome & Opera.It operates fully in the cloud (it’s not using any of your computer's resources when converting the file).It’s accessible from anywhere (with an internet connection).It’s secure (all file transfers are secured with an advanced level of SSL encryption).This is how it works:Drag and drop your PDF in the box and we’ll convert the file for you.Select the pictures you want.Save them to your computer.We hope this helps!-The Smallpdf team-
How do I blur some sentences in PDF file?
Do you mean that you do not want others to view the sentences, right? If so, you can use the PDF redaction function.get the PDF tool with redaction function.import PDF the sentences you do not want to show.confirm the PDF redaction.You can see the full guide on how to redact PDF texts: How to Redact Text in PDF Easily and Safely
What's the most beautiful code you've ever written? By beautiful I mean simple, clean, and implementation of a potentially complex function/algorithm.
I designed a cryptographic vault to store encrypted passwords!BackgroundThis was related to my mini project in the second year of engineering. The idea was to ask the user enter his password which he might forget and a key. The entered password will be the plaintext and the stored one will be the ciphertext.In case he wants to recover his password, he needs to provide the key and then he will get the decrypted one back.Things that I involved in the projectBuilding the vaultDatabaseThe Triple Layer SecurityRESTful APIThe CodeI made a simple form using HTML and CSS where the user had to enter his details. Following the submission, he will land up in a page where he will get the list of encryption standards available to him, ranging from Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) to AES256.The number of rounds of encryption for AES would depend on the size of the key entered by the user.The language I opted for writing the encryption algorithms was PHP. Some of you might mock at me for that but trust me, I consider PHP to be versatile. PHP 7.2 became the first language to add modern cryptography in it's standard library.Below is the snap of an encryption function for AES256.The reason behindMany of you might argue that there are services available which offer to store your password. Agreed. What I doubt is whether they encrypt the password or not.In December 2009, a major password breach of the website Rockyou occurred that led to the release of 32 million passwords.This could have been prevented only if Rockyou had stored password in encrypted form and only if the password of Rockyou administration was more than just a 123456, 32 million accounts could have been saved.The problem with day-to-day user is that they don't want to keep a strong password. With so many passwords to remember, who will keep a twisted, highly confusing password? And then again, if someone does, where he/she will store this password to use it in future?
What is an intuitive way of explaining how the Fourier transform works?
The ancient Greeks had a theory that the sun, the moon, and the planets move around the Earth in circles.  This was soon shown to be wrong.  The problem was that if you watch the planets carefully, sometimes they move backwards in the sky.  So they could have come up with a new idea - the planets move around in one big circle, but then move around a little circle at the same time.  Think of holding out a long stick and spinning around, and at the same time on the end of the stick there's a wheel that's spinning.  The planet moves like a point on the edge of the wheel.Well, once they started watching really closely, they'd have realized that even this didn't work, so they might put circles on circles on circles...  (The real Greek astronomy was slightly different than this, but this is what we'll use here.)Eventually, they had a map of the solar system that looked like this:This "epicycles" idea turns out the be a bad theory.  One reason it's bad is that we know now that planets orbit in ellipses around the sun.  (The ellipses are not perfect because they're perturbed by the influence of other gravitating bodies, and by relativistic effects.)But it's wrong for an even worse reason than that, as illustrated in this wonderful youtube video:By adding up enough circles, we made Homer Simpson's face.  We can make any orbit at all by adding up enough circles, as long as we get to vary their size and speeds. So the epicycle theory of planetary orbits is a bad one not because it's wrong, but because it doesn't say anything at all about orbits.  Claiming "planets move around in epicycles" is mathematically equivalent to saying "planets move around in two dimensions".  Well, that's not saying nothing, but it's not saying much, either!A simple mathematical way to represent "moving around in a circle" is to say that positions in a plane are represented by complex numbers, so a point moving in the plane is represented by a complex function of time.  In that case, moving on a circle with radius [math]R[/math] and angular frequency [math]\omega[/math] is represented by the position[math]z(t) = Re^{i\omega t}[/math]If you move around on two circles, one at the end of the other, your position is [math] z(t) = R_1e^{i\omega_1 t} + R_2 e^{i\omega_2 t}[/math]We can then imagine three, four, or infinitely-many such circles being added.  If we allow the circles to have every possible angular frequency, we can now write[math]z(t) = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}R(\omega) e^{i\omega t} \mathrm{d}\omega[/math]The function [math]R(\omega)[/math] is the Fourier transform of [math]z(t)[/math].  If you start by tracing any time-dependent path you want through two-dimensions, your path can be perfectly-emulated by infinitely many circles of different frequencies, all added up, and the radii of those circles is the Fourier transform of your path.  Caveat: we must allow the circles to have complex radii.  This isn't weird, though.  It's the same thing as saying the circles have real radii, but they do not all have to start at the same place.  At time zero, you can start whatever way around the circle you want.If your path closes on itself, as it does in the video, the Fourier transform turns out to simplify to a Fourier series.  Most frequencies are no longer necessary, and we can write[math]z(t) = \sum_{k=-\infty}^\infty c_k e^{ik \omega_0 t}[/math]where [math]\omega_0[/math] is the angular frequency associated with the entire thing repeating - the frequency of the slowest circle.  The only circles we need are the slowest circle, then one twice as fast as that, then one three times as fast as the slowest one, etc.  There are still infinitely-many circles if you want to reproduce a repeating path perfectly, but they are countably-infinite now.  If you take the first twenty or so and drop the rest, you should get close to your desired answer.  In this way, you can use Fourier analysis to create your own epicycle video of your favorite cartoon character.That's what Fourier analysis says.  The questions that remain are how to use it, and why it works.  How to use it - how to figure out what size circles you need - is pretty straightforward and easy to understand (if you have the relevant background, of course).  It depends on exploiting the orthogonality of complex exponents, and is very similar to finding the rectangular components of a vector by taking its dot product with a basis vector.  There is a nice PDF on it by David Morin here: http://www.people.fas.harvard.ed...Why it all works is a rather deep question.  The fact that you can represent any function in terms of complex exponents is a consequence of the spectral theorem (  If you have the operator [math]\mathrm{d}^2/\mathrm{d}x^2[/math], it is Hermitian, meaning that [math]\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(x)(\mathrm{d}^2g/\mathrm{d}x^2)\mathrm{d}x = \int_{-\infty}^\infty (\mathrm{d}^2f/\mathrm{d}x^2)g(x) \mathrm{d}x [/math] The spectral theorem then guarantees that the eigenvectors of [math]\mathrm{d}^2/\mathrm{d}x^2[/math] can make up any function.  Fourier series are thus not unique.  If you chose some other Hermitian operator, you could represent the path in terms of some other functions than sines and cosines (which are the same are complex exponentials).  Some common examples are Legendre polynomials and Bessel functions.To get a rough idea of why it's true, suppose you found a way to Fourier-transform just a single rectangle - you figure out how to make the function that is zero almost everywhere, but 1 from t = 0 to t=1.  Then by multiplying your rectangle by a constant, you can make it as tall or short as you want.  By rescaling time (i.e. t - 2*t), you can make your rectangle as thick or as thin as you want.  By resetting the zero point of time (i.e. t- t+5) you can move your rectangle left and right.  And by adding a bunch of these rectangles together, you can approximate any function like this:(This image is actually illustrating Riemann sums on Wikipedia.)To approximate the function better and better, we need the rectangles to become thinner and thinner, ultimately becoming delta functions  (We also need to expand our idea of "function" to include generalized functions. we can make these delta functions out of a Fourier-transform (their Fourier transform is just flat), we can combine them to make whatever we want.If you would like to learn a little more of the theory, I recommend Lighthill's Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Generalized Functions. are some disclaimers that you do not need to worry about.  Specifically, when I say things like "any function", that means "any reasonable function, with 'reasonable' defined as meeting certain criteria which are met by the functions you're likely to encounter in physics and engineering")NB: Based on some Googling, it appears this answer's historical accuracy is disputed.  The Greeks may not have used very many epicycles, and there are some other issues that people are concerned about.  No matter, for the purpose  of illustrating a Fourier transformation this will be fine.
How can I downsize a PDF?
Hi,In order to compress PDF files you can use Insert Image Into How To Put Images In Pdf Insert Image Into How To Put Images In Pdf Pro. But, one condition should be full fill that you should have paid subscription of Insert Image Into How To Put Images In Pdf Insert Image Into How To Put Images In Pdf Pro. Therefore, you can follow below steps -Open the PDF file in Insert Image Into How To Put Images In Pdf Insert Image Into How To Put Images In PdfThen, click on Tools optionGo to Optimise PDFToolbar that appears above the PDF, select Reduce File SizeNavigate towards Advanced OptimizationClick on Audit space usage to see what page elements are taking up how much spacePress OKGo to FileNow, click on Save AsHowever, if you don’t have paid subscription of Insert Image Into How To Put Images In Pdf Insert Image Into How To Put Images In Pdf pro then you can opt for PDF File Compressor. This tool easily reduce size of PDF file.
How do I create an eBook in Canva?
Hey,There are many applications available out there to create an e-book. Canva in my opinion is not the best option.I love Canva and can owe my 70% of professional work to it. I have also created few ebooks for small circulations, max upto 15 pages long.Nevermind, Canva has some beautiful templates to create an ebook. You can also create one from scratch for yourself.To answer, how you can create an e Book in Canva,, you can refer to the steps below.Step 1: I have selected page size as A4 (selecting A4 poster size ) .You can chose any size.Step 2: Select the template, or customize one for yourself.Add the content and download the pdf file.The pdf will be your ebook.Some of the A4 templates, give you a cover page and subsequent pages design, that makes it easy to create an ebook quickly.All the best for your ebook.PS: Would love to receive one copy for the same.PSS: I prefer Canva over any other design software at any given day. Reason, it is easy, kind of replicable and produce neatest copies than any other software can produce. I am making a living out of canva designs!!