Is there An Easy Way to Design a Code That Allows Me to Extract?

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Is there an easy way to design a code that allows me to extract specific text from a PDF document (not an image, I can copy and paste the text easily) and have it inserted automatically into a word processor with my desired format?

Unfortunately if your intention is to just CTRL+C and CTRL+V, it won't work. As other answers have clearly elaborated, you will need to find and install a 3rd party software that is capable of doing this. Alternatively, you can also find websites that will convert the documents. You will just need to upload the file onto said site. Considering these are short stories you wish to compile, I assume it shouldn't be a problem. I'd be wary of uploading any sensitive information. A quick Google search should help you with the software/website you need.

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UPDATE 8/28/2015]: An excellent user with the handle of TheMightyMoleman brought the issue up on Reddit. His post was a brilliant resource for the conversion software issue. There's currently no good alternative to this method that doesn't require you to upload your stories in an external software in order to be used. Please note, the use of a 3rd party software does NOT provide an error correction. We have now confirmed this problem only exists because we had our work published in the open and people took note of it. If it were a private story, it wouldn't have been noticed. [UPDATE 11/1/2017]: The question has been brought up on Twitter several times, so I guess we now know where to find out! [UPDATE 11/9/2017]: Another reader, Corners has been kind enough to point out some excellent open sources for reading or converting documents. All you need is a simple web browser to access one of.